• Christmas Hat Jeweled Wine GlassChristmas Hat Jeweled Wine Glass

    Christmas Hat Jeweled Glassware ©

    “Santa Claus is Coming to Town!”

    Get ready for Santa to visit with this gorgeous Christmas Hat jeweled wine glass. It is perfect to add sparkle to the holiday season.

    Decorate your table with glasses from our Holiday collection. Each guest could have a different glass at their place setting.

  • Christmas Tree Jeweled Wine Glass StemmedChristmas Tree Jeweled Wine Glass Stemmed

    Christmas Tree Jeweled Glassware ©

    “Believe in the magic of the season.”

    As your family gathers around the Christmas tree this holiday season, make it even more festive with our Christmas Tree jeweled wine glasses.

    Great gifts for party hosts, teachers, secret santa or YOU.

    Set your holiday table with these gorgeous glasses.

  • Pumpkin Jeweled Wine Glass StemmedPumpkin Jeweled Wine Glass Stemmed

    Pumpkin Jeweled Glassware ©

    Cozy sweaters, warm blankets, fires, roasting marshmallows, football, crisp cool air and a nice glass of wine in your pumpkin jeweled wine glass complements fall perfectly!

    Each glass is individually wrapped and tied with ribbon.

    Hand wash only, please.

  • Apple Stemmed Jeweled Wine GalssApple Stemmed Jeweled Wine Galss

    Red Apple Jeweled Glassware ©

    “Teachers Change the World One Child at a Time.”

    Cheers to all of the amazing teachers out there.
    Honor your children’s teachers with The Queens’ Jewels Apple Stemmed and Stemless wine glasses.

  • Red Heart Jeweled Wine Glass StemmedRed Heart Jeweled Wine Glass Stemmed

    Red Heart Jeweled Glassware ©

  • Shamrock Pilsner

    Shamrock Jeweled Glassware ©

  • Skull Stemmed

    Skull Jeweled Glassware ©

  • Snowflake Jeweled Wine Glass StemmedSnowflake Jeweled Wine Glass Stemmed

    Snowflake Jeweled Glassware ©

    Winter is a beautiful time of year! Snowflakes falling outside, a warm, cozy fire burning inside and you and your friends sipping your favorite wine from this beautiful diamond snowflake wine glass. It’s crystals are simply stunning. Pure, sparkly, and full of elegance.

    These make great gifts for the holidays. Host/hostess gifts, winter weddings, teachers, family or for you to set a beautifully decorated table.

  • Snowman Jeweled Wine Glass StemmedSnowman Jeweled Wine Glass Stemmed

    Snowman Jeweled Glassware ©

    Embrace winter with this stunning jeweled snowman wine glass. They are sure to sparkle and bring a smile to your face.

    Celebrating the holidays with friends? These make great gifts for the hosts or if you are having a cocktail party they are perfect for each guest. Great conversation pieces!

    Decorate your holiday table with glasses at each place setting. Sure to be a hit!