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Decorative Jeweled Wine Glasses aren’t just for drinking!

You may have thought that decorative jeweled wine glasses are only for drinking. Well, think again, there are so many unique, clever and fun ways to use your stemless wine glasses. Believe it or not, holding wine is not it’s sole purpose! Jeweled stemless wine glasses can be used for margaritas, orange juice and many […]

What unique gift can you give to that special someone who already has Everything?

A designer purse and wallet set won’t work because I have already given several of those. Flowers are great, but I have done that a dozen times already. A gift basket is overrated. A restaurant gift certificate, nah, anyone can think of that, nothing unique. Whether it be a gift for a wedding shower, rehearsal […]

Decorated Wine Glasses

What makes the best decorated wine glass? Decorative wine glasses come in many different… Dare we say… glasses… Some are hand painted wine glasses and others are etched with sayings, others are machine painted. Like many of the options you have today, the best gifts to give and get are jeweled wine glasses decorated with […]