St Louis Post Dispatch – STL Today – Made in St. Louis: The Queens’ Jewels add flair to happy hour

Made in St. Louis: The Queens’ Jewels add flair to happy hour
By Caitlin Grove
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Jul 10, 2015

What they makes • Candice and Janine are owners of the Queens’ Jewels. They create a collection of jeweled wine glasses. To reach them, call 314-616-1904 or email [email protected]

Tell us about yourself. • Candice: We are mother and daughter-in-law and opened the Queens’ Jewels in November 2015. I am a stay-at-home mother of two and Janine is retired after owning several successful businesses.

Tell us about your company. • The Queens’ Jewels was founded on the idea that wine glasses should not be plain and boring, but beautiful and full of sparkle to complement life’s beauty. These glasses are created to represent individual personalities, moments in time and serve as great conversation pieces.
Where do you get inspiration? • We are fascinated by beautiful and unique things. Observing a group of women laughing at a restaurant, a husband and wife celebrating their anniversary, or watching our St. Louis Cardinals head to Red October; these are the moments when our ideas for the next jewel come to us.

What is the process of creating your glasses? • The process begins with looking for or designing the perfect jewel that will entice customers to make a purchase. Once we have acquired the piece, we work with local and international vendors to design our unique pieces for our glasses, then our final product is assembled in house. Once all of our pieces are in our hands, it is a multi-step process from start to finish; it takes 24 hours to complete. We recommend hand washing these unique pieces of art to ensure the jewels stay bright and sparkling.

How are these glasses unique to other wine glasses? • Each piece is branded with our wine charm logo, which makes it unique to us. We also customize our jewels to fit the glass accordingly.

Where do you see your business headed? • Our vision is to expand across the 50 states and perhaps into the international market. Currently, we have customers in 24 states and Canada.

Any upcoming shows? • Our next show will be 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. July 22 in the Private Wine room at Veritas Gateway to Food & Wine in Ellisville.
What shops can your items be found at? • We encourage future customers to purchase our jeweled wine glass collection from the following: Chandler Hill Vineyards in Defiance, Robust Wine Bar in Webster, Veritas Gateway to Food & Wine in Ellisville, the Porch in Soulard, Polka Dot Peonies and the Tack Trunk in Chesterfield and Country Outfitter, a National online site.

Visit the company’s new website to view their work.

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