Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go

About The Queens’ Jewels

The Queens’ Jewels is an exquisite collection of handcrafted jeweled glassware made in the heart of the Midwest – St. Louis, Missouri. The Queens’ Jewels was founded on the idea that wine glasses should not be plain and boring, but beautiful and full of sparkle to complement life’s beauty. Our glasses are created to represent individual personalities, moments in time, serve as great conversation pieces, and given as gifts to be treasured forever. The Queens’ Jewels has received numerous accolades from the press, with features in Gourmet Insider, Homeworld Business, The Hampton’s Roads Show, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis Magazine, Chesterfield Lifestyles Magazine and Town and Style Saint Louis Magazine.

The Queens Jewels Wine Charm

About the Brand

The Queens’ Jewels brand was created by Candice herself, inspired after receiving a wine glass as a gift that lacked flair. She had an idea while holding her jeweled earring to the glass, “I can make this wine glass really sparkle”. The rest is history! Going from small booths at local events all the way to now having National and International distribution in a manufacturing facility where Candice personally creates each and every glass herself. 

Candice Cherry, Chief Jeweled Officer, creator and inventor of the Jeweled Wine Glass

About the Artist

As the Chief Jeweled Officer, Candice had a dream to spice up and add a unique flair to her parties and gatherings. So in 2015 she set out to create something so unique it would be the talk of the town. She did just that. She has handmade tens of thousands of glasses that have shipped all over the world. Her vision and keen eye for quality is paramount to any design she brings forward to add to the growing collection of jeweled wine glasses. Candice’s jeweled glassware has caught the eye of large companies including Caesar’s Palace, The Peabody Hotel, Buc-ee’s, Arbonne, The Queen Mary and several others to specially design custom pieces.

Starfish Stemless Jeweled Wine Glass on Blue Pallet


High Quality Sheer Rim Wine Glass

Wine Enthusiasts all over the world will tell you the importance of being able to sip, taste and enjoy fine wine from a glass without a rim.

Flag and Watermelon Jeweled Wine Glasses


Unique Designs

Each and every design is unique in the marketplace. Candice has created the category of exquisite, elegant yet fun and interesting pieces. Many parties are had where each and every person has their own unique beautiful jeweled wine glass.

Large and Small Gift Box


Safe and Secure Packaging

The Queens’ Jewels ships each and every glass in a Special Branded gift box designed for each glass. This keeps the glass safe and secure.