Add Handcrafted Jeweled Glassware to Your Valentine’s Day Celebration

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning how you’re going to make the day special! Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or you’ve been together for decades, your wonderful partner deserves a gift that will “wow” them! If you’re searching for gift ideas, look no further. 

The Best 2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Jeweled Glassware!

When you’re planning this special day, you want every element to be perfect. It’s the details that make all the difference! Many people gift their partner a nice bottle of wine, but you shouldn’t stop there if you really want to pull out all the stops. We’d encourage you to pair your partner’s favorite beverage with handcrafted jeweled glassware!

Sparkling Jeweled Wine Glasses Will Show Your Love

Traditional wine glasses don’t show much thought, and they don’t show the uniqueness of your relationship. The holiday of love should be all about your relationship and what makes it special. When you choose beautiful jeweled glassware, you’re proving you put more effort into planning each element of the celebration. You’re also showing how much you cherish your partner’s incomparable personality!

Our Favorite Jeweled Glassware Designs for Valentine’s Day Presents 

At The Queens’ Jewels, we have stunning glassware that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Step up from regular glassware and show your partner that you care about them with a special gift. These glasses are unique and handcrafted from the finest materials. They provide a beautiful way to enjoy your favorite wine, champagne, or other beverage. Here are three different designs that we recommend for your Valentine’s Day gift and celebration!

Red Heart Jeweled Glassware

Even though this is one of our simplest designs, it’s still stunning—and one of our bestsellers! It’s the perfect gift for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. On one side of this glass is a beautiful candy apple red jeweled heart to signify your love for your partner. The heart design comes in stemmed and stemless glasses as well as champagne flutes. Show your spouse or partner just how much they’re loved with this glassware. Unlike the same old boring glassware, these glasses are anything but lackluster!

Our glasses aren’t only beautiful: they are also extremely high-quality! The Red Heart Jeweled Glassware will last you through many uses without getting scratches, chips, or smudges. You won’t easily find this level of quality from other glassware on the market. Every jeweled glass from Queens’ Jewels is handcrafted to perfection. And unlike other handcrafted glassware, you’ll never have to worry about inconsistency. Years in the business have made us get our process down to an exact science! Our attention to detail is unmatched.

Red Lips Jeweled Glassware

If the woman in your life has a love of red lipstick, we think she will adore this design! This is the perfect gift if your significant other is down for something flirty and fun. With the perfect mix of sophistication and whimsy, this glassware is anything but ordinary. Every drink will be a special experience! The Red Lips Jeweled Glassware looks great by itself or paired with the Red Heart Jeweled Glassware, as the candy apple red stones complement one another perfectly. 

Choose from stemmed and stemless options to suit your drinking preferences. No matter which style you purchase, you can expect your glassware to look absolutely stunning! The Queens’ Jewels glasses are the height of class and will be the envy of all who see them. Choose the Red Lips Jeweled Glassware if you’re searching for a special present to show your love. There’s no better time to gift this design than on Valentine’s Day! 

Multi-Stone Heart Jeweled Glassware

This sophisticated take on a heart makes for the most stunning glassware. It’s truly unique! The many colors and sizes of stones form the most stunning heart that glistens in the light. This glassware design is the perfect sentimental gift for your lifelong partner. The stones may look like priceless gems that belong on your finest jewelry, but they are even more stunning on your glassware. If your significant other loves things that sparkle, you can’t get any sparklier than this gorgeous glassware. Why be like everyone else who is gifting jewelry this Valentine’s Days when this is an option? 

The Queens’ Jewels glassware will make your significant other feel like royalty! They’ll never go back to drinking from plain glassware again when they can use these stunning jeweled glasses. The Multi-Stone Heart design comes in stemmed, stemless, and champagne flutes. No matter what beverages you like to drink, you’ll find a glass that works for you! These glasses also make a fantastic keepsake. Whether your partner is sipping wine from them or just admiring them, they’ll definitely feel loved.

Properly Care for Your Wine Glasses to Ensure Longevity 

When you have glassware that’s as high-quality as this, it’s important to care for it gently and properly. All our glasses hold 19 ounces of your favorite beverage and should only be hand-washed. With proper care, you can keep using these glasses for years to come.

Order the Handcrafted Jeweled Glassware That Says “I Love You”

Chill the wine and get ready for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day when you choose any one of these jeweled glass designs. Although these designs make amazing Valentine’s Day presents, they’re great for other occasions too. Purchase them for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and “just because” gifts. The wine connoisseur in your life will know just how much you value them! 

No one does handcrafted jeweled glassware like The Queens’ Jewels. We take your everyday glassware and turn it into something spectacular! Say “I love you” by upping your glassware game this Valentine’s Day. 

If you want to check out our glassware in person, visit one of the 1,200 high-end boutiques and retailers in the U.S. that carry our products. Our glasses look stunning in pictures, but they are even better in person! Once you start using glassware from The Queens’ Jewels, you’ll never go back. Your favorite wine has never looked or tasted this good! 

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