Choose Jeweled Wine Glasses This Valentine’s Day

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your special someone this Valentine’s Day? With so many gifts and products on the market, it may seem impossible to find the perfect choice. Your search can feel endless. However, look no further! Here at the Queens’ Jewels, we have unique gifts to show your loved one just how much you appreciate them this Valentine’s Day.

Impress Your Special Someone with a Jeweled Wine Glass

While traditional, undecorated wine glasses are a common gift, they don’t show your thoughtfulness and don’t highlight your loved one’s unique qualities and taste. Jeweled wine glasses are a more thoughtful spin on a traditional present. Since jeweled glass is eye-catching but never tacky, this gift is also perfect if your significant other enjoys standing out.

Make Your Choice Personal

At the Queens’ Jewels, we have hundreds of designs for you to choose from in order to impress your special someone. You can gift stemmed or stemless glasses in almost any design. With many of our designs, you also have other options, such as water bottles and champagne flutes.

Choose the design that best suits your special someone. From lips, to hearts, to crowns—all of our designs add a personal touch to your V Day celebration! Here are a few of our Valentine’s Day favorites!

Leopard Heart Stemless Wine GlassLeopard Heart Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass
Leopard Heart in Stemmed or Stemless Wine Glass

Does your loved one love to be unique? The Leopard Heart jeweled glass is a perfect selection for those whose loved ones like to show off their personality in a big way! Show your love and affection with this truly unique design that’s a heart in leopard print.

This glassware comes in both a stemless and stemmed options. Each of our glassware items also come in a beautiful decorative box which is perfect for gift giving. Your loved one will appreciate not just the glassware itself, but the entire experience of receiving and opening a present with such a luxurious presentation.

Red Rose Jeweled Stemmed Wine GlassAurora Borealis Crown Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass

If your loved one is royalty in your eyes, the Aurora Borealis Crown jeweled wine glass is the perfect choice. The beautiful pinks, purples, golds, and blues in the jewels of the glass provide a truly royal experience, complementing the crown decal perfectly. Your loved one will be able to stand out yet appear sophisticated and classy at the same time. The multicolored stones will catch any source of light, making your loved one sparkle.

While this design comes in both a stemmed and stemless wine glass option, it is also available in a variety of other forms including a water bottle, champagne flute, and mixed drink glass. If your special someone absolutely falls in love with this design, consider buying them other glassware options/

Show Your Special Someone You Love Them

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one can seem like a daunting task. However, with our jeweled glassware, your search can be a whole lot easier. Choose a jeweled wine glass for your loved one this Valentine’s Day and make someone you care about feel loved!

Love is in the Air

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