Custom Design/ Logo Guidelines

Some of our notable customers:

  1. The largest American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered in California.
  2. The United States Naval Academy
  3. The Biltmore
  4. Arbonne
  5. Buc-ee’s
  6. Ceasar’s Palace
  7. Sarris Candies
  8. Re/Max
  9. Harris Ranch
  10. and many more…

The Minimum Order Quantity is 100 pieces mixed between stemmed or stemless. You have to take delivery of all 100 at once. Should you choose to add another style of glass, there is an additional mold fee of $50.00.

Deposit: $100 before production of sample begins. Deposit is Non refundable and is only for the jewel to be created, it will not go towards the purchase of your glassware. Should you need revisions, we can discuss any additional cost but we have found out customers do not need more than 1. We do not computer generate samples, we create a physical jewel for your review.

Production Time: 3-6 weeks.
–We must have a high resolution photo of design/logo along with the pantone numbers or some type of color chart. Keep in mind that not all colors can be matched perfectly unless they are primary colors. In the case that we have difficulty matching colors, I will supply you with a color chart.
-Usually 2 (+/-) weeks to have first sample photo made. If customer agrees that sample is to their liking, the jewel will be produced right away. No changes can be made at this point.
-All samples will be shown in a photo/email for your customer to review and make necessary changes.
-In the case that the customer would like to make changes, each change will take a few days to a week (+/-) to see new sample piece.
-Should the customer want to see the physical sample on a glass after they have approved all changes but before ordering in a large quantity, we will ship to the sample(s) which is $60. (The photos are usually so good, the customer will most likely skip this step, but of course, it is their choice.)
-It is best to keep the design/logo simple. Intricate designs and some writing will get lost in jewels as do multiple colors.

Pricing: Each design/logo pricing is different. Depends on the number of stones, colors, size of piece. Will have pricing after the piece is made. If the jewels undergo revisions, the new pricing will be updated after each revision.

We love custom designs!

Las Vegas Stemless Wine Glass
Re-Max Logo Stemmed Wine Glass
The Peabody Hotel Stemmed Wine Glass
Pirate Stemmed Wine Glass
Buc-ee's Logo Stemless Wine Glasses
Arbonne Logo Stemless Wine Glass with Champagne
Arbonne Logo Stemless Wine Glass
Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go