Decorated Wine Glasses

What makes the best decorated wine glass?

Decorative wine glasses come in many different… Dare we say… glasses…

Some are hand painted wine glasses and others are etched with sayings, others are machine painted. Like many of the options you have today, the best gifts to give and get are jeweled wine glasses decorated with rhinestones or “bedazzled”. Of course, The Queens’ Jewels Aurora Borealis Jeweled Wine Glass is the best all time selling wine glass. Both the stemmed wine glass and stemless wine glass sell in equal numbers throughout the year. We often hear of stories of women giving this as a gift to their moms for Mother’s Day, as a Birthday gift or as a best friend gift.

It’s The Most Unique Gift

This design is the best selling decorative jeweled wine glass of all time because of the sheer beauty, class and versatility. It was the original of two crowns, the other being the Large Crown Jeweled Wine Glass, that started Candice and her journey with her company The Queens’ Jewels. You can find the AB Crown in six different styles.

  • Stemmed Wine Glass
  • Stemless Wine Glass
  • Champagne Flute
  • Double Old Fashioned
  • Mixed Drink or Cocktail
  • Swing Top Bottle

Men give these as a unique gift to their significant other for an Anniversary, Valentine’s Day present or Christmas Gift. For those that need to celebrate their mothers on that special Mother’s Day, these decorated jeweled wine glasses can help alleviate the problem of what to get your mom who already has everything. In other words, it is the best gift to give your mom!

When Candice created the idea of a jeweled wine glass, she had no idea that she was creating a category all to its own because no other decorated wine glass was as unique as her vision. Therefore, it makes these the best presents and one of the most unique gifts to give and to get.

Above all, many brides give these as personalized gifts to their bride’s maids to commemorate their special day.

In addition to our great website, you can visit Etsy and Amazon.

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