Decorative Jeweled Wine Glasses aren’t just for drinking!

You may have thought that decorative jeweled wine glasses are only for drinking. Well, think again, there are so many unique, clever and fun ways to use your stemless wine glasses. Believe it or not, holding wine is not it’s sole purpose! Jeweled stemless wine glasses can be used for margaritas, orange juice and many other beverages, flower arrangements, candy, makeup brushes and cosmetics, q-tips and nail files, potpourri, candy and gift cards for a birthday gift and to hold pens, pencils, highlighters and rulers. The Aurora Borealis Crown Jeweled Stemless Glass is one of the best glasses to hold flower arrangements.

Aurora Borealis Stemless Jeweled Wine Glass
Aurora Borealis Stemless Jeweled Wine Glass

Makeup Brush Holder

Where do you keep all of your makeup brushes, q-tips, and nail files? If you are like me, they are shoved away in your drawer. Take a sparkling jeweled glass of your choice (I use the flamingo) and fill with and of the above in different sizes and colors and display on your vanity. It is very eye catching.

Flamingo Stemless Wine Glass - Makeup Brushes
Flamingo Stemless Wine Glass – Makeup Brushes

Are you hosting a dinner party, cocktail party, wedding, shower or a holiday gathering? Do you need a unique idea that will add spice and elegance to your table? Let the decorative, stemless glass double as a vase! Fill the glass with water and arrange gorgeous, colorful flowers and make this your centerpiece. Everyone at your party will be talking! Another great idea is to set a small colorful arrangement at everyone’s place setting. Then, after the party they can take home their stunning flowers, enjoy them while they last and use the glass to drink out of later! Most importantly, every time they use their glass, they will think of you!

Teenagers are so hard to buy for. They have everything! A jeweled stemless crown glass is perfect for the diva on your list! Fill the glass with lots of colorful candy bars and gum in different sizes, and fill in with gift cards to their favorite restaurants. When they empty the glass, they can put their favorite makeup brushes in it!

Make Messy Desks Sparkle

Straighten up your messy desk by gathering up all of your ink pens, pencils, highlighters and rulers and placing them in a jeweled wine glass! This also makes a great gift for teachers!

Apple Jeweled Wine Glass
Apple Jeweled Wine Glass

Another brilliant idea is to take a unique, decorative, jeweled stemless wine glass of your choice and fill it with potpourri. Set on your powder room vanity, guest bedroom nightstand, or shelf for everyone to see. Not only will it sparkle but the room will smell so good!

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