Jeweled Wine Glasses: Bling Up Your Life in 2020!

2020 has only just begun, yet one thing is clear: this is the year that jeweled wine glasses are poised to take over the world. And, unlike some trends (fidget spinners, anyone?), these gorgeous jeweled wine glasses are set to stay en vogue

People are now seeking out customization at every level of their life, and it was only a matter of time before the humble, plain old wine glass got its very own bedazzling make-over. 

At The Queens’ Jewels, we’ve been at the front of this emerging trend, creating fancy wine glasses that add a little sparkle to a table. One reason this trend is proving so hot is that people just love drinking from wine glasses that show off their personality! 

Custom Designed Jeweled Wine Glasses: The Toast of Foodie Land! 

When it comes to fine dining, it’s not just the food that counts; it’s also the setting. A gorgeous setting can enhance a meal like no other, giving your eyes a treat as well as your taste buds – and a fancy wine glass is an absolute must! 

Jeweled wine glasses are, for many foodies, that one final touch that finishes their dinner party set up. Better yet, these pretty wine glasses offer endless customization options that make them perfect for anyone with a theme in mind. 

With stemmed wine glasses and unstemmed wine glasses available, you can also opt to serve all your drinks in decorative wine glasses. Make your next party go off with a bling… and raise a jeweled wine glass in a toast to this fun new trend! 

Brands Are Jumping on This Trend in A BIG Way 

It isn’t just foodies who are falling in love with the endless customization options and fun that a bedazzled and jeweled wine glass can bring to the table. In the past two years alone, brands are also tuning into the possibilities. 

At The Queens’ Jewels, we’ve been commissioned by The Las Vegas casino hotspot Caesar’s Palace, Texan convenience store chain Buc-ee’s, Memphis’ historic Peabody Hotel, The Queen Mary ocean liner, and the cosmetic and beauty supplement company, Arbonne. 

The designs you see below are the bespoke decorative wine glasses that we created for each of these brands: 

Las Vegas Stemless Wine Glass
Las Vegas Stemless Wine Glass
The Peabody Hotel Stemmed Wine Glass
The Peabody Hotel Stemmed Wine Glass
Arbonne Logo Stemless Wine Glass
Arbonne Logo Stemless Wine Glass

This interest in fancy wine glasses is only growing. The Queens’ Jewels is already working on several upcoming commissions for other brands, and we enjoyed a 

successful tour of the US trade show circuit taking in the Atlanta Mart and the Vegas and LA Show. 

Blinged out wine glasses are one of the hottest trends of 2020 – isn’t it time that you hopped on the bedazzled bandwagon with your very own custom designed jeweled wine glass? 

Get Your Custom Jeweled Wine Glasses Today 

The Queens’ Jewels’ catalog offers plenty of variety, and with custom designs, the world is your oyster! But why keep the incredible world of customizable fancy wine glasses to yourself? 

These decorative wine glasses are great thoughtful gifts for friends, family, and even workplace colleagues, especially those difficult people who seem to have everything and want for nothing. 

They can also add a touch of class to a special occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, and other significant life milestones where everything needs to be that little bit more special. 

Check out The Queens’ Jewels online store today to discover gorgeous pretty wine glass designs – or contact us today to find out more about our custom jeweled wine glasses and to get started with your own unique, blinged out wine glass creation! 

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