Jeweled Wine Glasses for Mardi Gras Celebrations

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With Mardi Gras just around the corner, it’s time to begin looking for the perfect decorations and accessories for your celebration. Traditional decorations and accessories tend to be boas, beads, and balloons. But for those of us looking to stand out during our celebration, something else should be considered: a jeweled wine glass.

Why Choose a Jeweled Wine Glass?

Jeweled glasses allow you to keep an air of class and sophistication while celebrating. These glasses will give you a more fun experience as well, with the beauty and uniqueness of the glass enhancing your overall experience. Jeweled glasses are eye-catching, unique, and help you stand out from others celebrating this exciting day.

Which Glass Should I Choose?

At the Queens’ Jewels, we have a wide variety of jeweled wine glasses to choose from to complete your celebration. Choosing the perfect glass depends on the type of experience you are looking for. Our options range from stemless glasses to stemmed wine glasses, and they can be used as both decorations and drinkware. Enjoy champagne, wine, or any of your favorite beverages while using a unique, gorgeous piece of art!

Purple and Green Diamond Fleur de Lis Glass

The newest addition to our Mardi Gras line is this jeweled glassware decorated with a purple and green Fleur de Lis, which is a traditional symbol for the day. Not only can you use this glass as a decorative item, but you can also drink from it throughout the night. The purple and green colors on the glassware should complement most traditional party or celebration decorations, yet also add an unexpected pop of color. This is a great choice for someone looking to stand out, yet still complement the bright, vibrant colors of the day.

Purple and Green Diamond Fleur de Lis Jeweled Stemless Wine GlassMardi Gras Mask Jeweled Stemless Wine Glass
Purple and Green Diamond Fleur de Lis Jeweled Stemmed Wine GlassMardi Gras Mask Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass

This glass comes in both stemless and stemmed options. As with all of our glassware, your jeweled glass will come in a gorgeous decorative box, which only adds to the glamorous Queens’ Jewels experience.

Gold Swirl Fleur de Lis Glass

A classy choice for today’s celebration, the Gold Swirl Fleur de Lis glass is a beautiful decorative glass choice that will make you feel incredibly sophisticated. This glass will allow you to look and feel like royalty while at your Mardi Gras celebration. The gold and black accents on the Fleur de Lis avoid being too flashy, and they won’t clash with your other decorations and colors.

This elegant choice is perfect for someone searching for that piece to set them just above the rest. The glass comes in both stemmed and stemless options as well as a swing top water bottle choice. As with all other glasses in our collection, this should be hand-washed only.

Order the Perfect Addition to Your Celebration Today

No celebration is complete without something to help you stand out from the crowd. Our jeweled wine glasses help complete your Mardi Gras celebration and enhance your experience. Choose from our expansive collection today to enhance your festivities this year!

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