Mardi Gras Fun Fact from The Queens’ Jewels®

Mardi Gras is right around the corner and everyone is flocking to New Orleans to join in the fun that is Carnival season madness.
Mardi Gras Official Greeting you will hear is Laissez les bon temps roules (pronounced lay-say le bon tom rooley} over and over at any Mardi Gras celebration. It means “let the good time roll” in Cajun French.

Mardi Gras Jeweled Stemless Wine Glass
Mardi Gras Jeweled Stemless Wine Glass
Diamond Fleur de Lis Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass

Mardi Gras meaning is actually French for “FAT TUESDAY.” It marks the last day of the Carnival season…which is actually characterized by tons of parties, decadence and feasting…which is pretty much where we get the “fat” from in “Fat Tuesday”! This is the perfect time to celebrate with the jeweled Mardi Gras mask stemmed or stemless wine glasses from The Queens’ Jewels. These stemmed or stemless jeweled wineglasses will add the perfect bling to any celebration.

MARDI GRAS Traditional colors are purple, green and gold. The trio of shades came to symbolize the festivities and were later given meanings:
Purple for Justice
Green for Faith
Gold for Power
Gift your favorite party goer with a purple, green and gold jeweled Mardi Gras stemless wine glass from The Queens’ Jewels…better yet, set your dining table with the exquisite jeweled Mardi Gras mask stemmed wineglasses designed by The Queens’ Jewels to get the party started. The jeweled stemmed wineglass or sparkling jeweled stemless wine glasses will add the perfect bling!

The King’s Cake Tradition
The King’s Cake is Purple, Green and Gold cake with a little fe’ve (figurine) of baby Jesus, baked into it. Whoever gets the fe’ve in their slice is said to have good luck throughout the year and must host the next big party. This would be the perfect time to celebrate with the jeweled stemmed wine glasses with the green, gold and purple Mardi Gras mask wine glasses from The Queens’ Jewels….Hello Sparkle and Bling!

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