These Decorative Wine Glasses Are A Real Charm

There’s something unique about the American South and its endless capacity for a kind of old-fashioned charm. The Queens’ Jewels is celebrating all that’s great about the South with a brand-new Southern Charm Collection of decorative wine glasses! 

Go south of the Mason-Dixon line, and you can’t deny that you’ve walked into another world – one with a slower pace of life, a place where good manners are still in fashion, and a warm welcome is extended to all. 

The Southern Charm Collection’s pretty wine glasses capture the spirit of lazy summer days, chirping crickets, and incredible traditions of hospitality. If you’re looking t

celebrate your inner Southern belle – and maybe serve up your sweet tea in a pretty unstemmed wine glass for extra style points – then this collection is made just for you! 

Get Fancy-Schmancy with the Bluebonnet and Magnolia Decorative Wine Glasses 

No elegant Southern-style dinner party would be complete without gorgeous tableware and glassware to complement your guests’ smart outfits. The Southern Charm Collection from The Queens’ Jewels fits the bill just right, adding a subtle elegance to your dinner set up with fancy wine glasses. 

Bluebonnet Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass
Bluebonnet Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass

If you’re a proud Texan, then you’ll love the intricate jewelry work of our Bluebonnet Jeweled Glassware with the state flower in vibrant rhinestone. 

With stemless and stemmed wine glass versions available, you and your guests can celebrate Texas with every dainty lil’ sip – and recall the beauty of that glorious sea of bluebonnets that cover Texas every spring. 

The Southern Charm Collection also celebrates that other iconic flower of the South: the gorgeously fragrant blooming magnolia with Magnolia Jeweled Glassware

Together, these decorative wine glasses add an extra touch of sweetness to your fine wines – and whisk you away to a peaceful countryside spot on a sunny Southern summer’s day. 

Magnolia Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass
Magnolia Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass

Why Not Get Exotic with a Pineapple Jeweled Wine Glass? 

Pineapple Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass
Pineapple Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass

If you’re fixin’ to throw a fun party and make it something special while adding that exotic touch, then look no further than Pineapple Jeweled Glassware. Prickly on the outside but sweet inside, this exotic, tropical fruit is a reminder of the warmth of Southern hospitality at its best. 

This decorative wine glass is available in stemless and stemmed, delicately hand-painted and studded with rhinestones to create a pretty wine glass that will be a real talking point with your guests! 

Discover Decorative Wine Glasses to Fit Every Mood and Occasion! 

Why stop there? The Queens’ Jewels has pretty wine glasses to fit every mood and occasion – and make the perfect thoughtful gift for that person in your life who has everything. 

If nothing in our store quite catches your fancy, we can custom design your very own decorative jeweled wine glass for a special occasion, too. Don’t forget to run along to our online store now to discover a charming world of jeweled wine glasses designed to beautify your life! 

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