Why Fancy Wine Glasses Are the Ultimate Gift

Have you ever considered gifting fancy wine glasses? They just so happen to solve an age-old conundrum…. 

We’ve all got that one friend who has everything – and when it comes to gifting, choosing a thoughtful gift is next to impossible! 

It’s Easy to Be a Thoughtful Gift-Giver with Fancy Wine Glasses 

Decorative wine glasses aren’t just for sipping on your favorite wine – you can also use them in many creative ways, which makes these an incredibly versatile gift. With 

multiple collections covering all kinds of interests and themes, there’s a bedazzled, rhinestone-studded wine glass to thrill everyone in your life. 

So, if you’re finding yourself short of ideas, The Queens’ Jewels’ decorative wine glasses could be that missing perfect gift in your life. We can even create customized jeweled wine glasses to match your friends’ interests, making them the ultimate thoughtful – and unique! – gift. 

Make Gifting a Breeze with a Vacation-Inspired Coastal Wine Glass 

One of our most popular glassware collections is the Coastal Collection, which incorporates the Spring Break and Island Vacations Collections. As you may have already guessed, this is inspired by that lazy tropical vacation feeling. Where else can you find octopus or sea horse jeweled wine glasses? 

AB Mermaid Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass
AB Mermaid Jeweled Stemmed Wine Glass

Recently, the Coastal Collection has grown with the addition of two new pretty wines glasses designs – and they’re already proving popular with our fans! 

Aurora Borealis Mermaid Jeweled Glassware brings shimmering mermaid wine glasses to life with the added bling of rhinestone. Few will be able to resist her alluring siren call, making this a unique gift.

Are you looking for more down-to-earth gifts for the beach lover in your life? If so, the Pink and Green Flip Flop Jeweled Glassware is just the ticket, celebrating everyone’s favorite lazy vacation footwear. Who says your glassware can’t match your footwear? 

Like all The Queens’ Jewels decorative wine glasses, both the Aurora Borealis Mermaid wine glass and the Flip Flop wine glass are available in stemmed or unstemmed. 

Pink and Green Flip Flop Jeweled Stemless Wine Glass
Pink and Green Flip Flop Jeweled Stemless Wine Glass

Stuck for Gift Ideas? There’s a Fancy Wine Glass for Everybody! 

You might think that that you can gift pretty wine glasses for friends only, but they also make for a unique thank you gift for those occasions when you simply want to say “thank you” or show your appreciation to someone else’s hard work. 

If you’ve ever stayed with an exceptional host who went out of their way to make you feel right at home, a decorative wine glass is a memorable way of saying thanks – and a token of appreciation that they will truly appreciate. 

One of our customers recently told us that she gifted a vacation home host with a themed and jeweled wine glass and that their host was delighted to receive such a meaningful, personalized gift rather than just a positive online review! 

So, next time you’re in a pickle trying to think of a gift, a blinged out wine glass might just do the trick. Why not get some decorative wine glass gifting ideas today by checking out our online store

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